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Big Daddy’s Pizzeria Joins the Low Carb Diet Movement

While options are aplenty in Gatlinburg as far as restaurants are concerned, Big Daddy's Pizzeria is giving guests an interesting addition to their tasty menu.   Many restaurants all over—not just in Gatlinburg—offer gluten free menu items for people with... Continue Reading →


Getting Back to Business As Usual in Gatlinburg

This post is going to focus on reminding people that, in fact, Gatlinburg is open for business. I have heard many people on social media being under the impression that it was completely burned to the ground. IT HAS CERTAINLY... Continue Reading →

My Story of How and Why Our Love for Gatlinburg Has Changed Us

As another year comes to a close, I want to reflect on a time when my mind wasn't consumed with Gatlinburg, and the impact the town and surrounding area now has on my family. Just six years ago we were... Continue Reading →

7 Hours (Not Days) in Gatlinburg

I might as well not keep it a secret anymore that I seriously want to move to East Tennessee -- and it is something I have discussed in detail with my wife and son. Well, last Thursday I had an... Continue Reading →

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