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My Top 3 Candy Shops in Gatlinburg

Candy? In Gatlinburg? No, really? I know. It doesn't take a rocket scientist--or much research at all--to figure out that Gatlinburg is pretty loaded when it comes to sugar content, especially downtown on the Parkway. I have a sweet tooth... Continue Reading →


3 Hours in Gatlinburg

If you remember from last year, I wrote a post that described my brief Gatlinburg visit, which was a too short seven hours. This one was a similar trip which only afforded me the opportunity to spend a late afternoon/early... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss About Gatlinburg that I Don’t Have in Ohio

If some of you haven't already figured it out, I am not from Gatlinburg. I live here in Ohio and maintain this blog with the purpose of writing about my experiences -- and things I have learned -- so I... Continue Reading →

Gatlinburg Trip Report: Arts & Crafts Community and The National Park

Part two of my trip features the activities we did away from Gatlinburg. As much as I love spending time downtown, it is always nice to just take a drive out of town to breathe in the mountain air and... Continue Reading →

5 Things That Are “Great” About Gatlinburg: Part 3

We continue with Part 3 in our Gatlinburg "Great" Things series with number three: 3. Downtown As a visitor or a local, you can either bemoan the commercialization that the city has undergone the past few decades, or you can... Continue Reading →

Free Samples Galore!

There are plenty of specialty shops in Gatlinburg that offer enough varieties of food that you can easily walk around and make a small meal out of sampling their offerings. The following is a list of shops that allow you... Continue Reading →

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