Some of the biggest reasons for spending time here every year is the fact that, while there are many things you can do on vacation in Gatlinburg, my favorite moments are the ones that don’t cost a thing. It’s sort of like telling that person who wants to know how you and your wife knew you were meant for each other. You just know. It’s pretty simple. Once you experience it for yourself, you just know it was meant to be. It just feels right, and it’s hard to explain, but these things aren’t measured in dollars and cents. Let me explain:

Mountain Marvel

Coming to the mountains has it’s own special emotion when you’re visiting for the first time. There’s a certain sense of wonder that comes over you—one that can’t be expressed with words alone. Yes, it’s quite a surreal experience, especially when you’re used to the flat and swampy history of the area I grew up—and still reside in. I just knew that eventually this was the general area I wanted to make my home. I know it will happen, but I need to keep the proper perspective in the short term.


Morning Walks

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, I can’t mention enough how I feel about morning walks. What helps me feel at home is how deserted the streets are and the echoing of music softly playing in The Village. Sure, the donuts and coffee put a delicious cherry on top of these mornings, but it helps me see the quiet and peaceful side of Gatlinburg—represented in many of the pics I post on social media. To me, there’s nothing like this anywhere else in this world!


A Dreamy Daze

What results from these morning walks is something that can’t be matched with other things to do on our Gatlinburg vacation. I’m overcome with a sort of dreamy daze that sometimes has me thinking of ways I can duplicate the whole experience. Unfortunately, once we leave, nothing in my ordinary life can get me to dredge these feeling back up. What I’m left with are impractical ways to put myself out of Ohio and into this fantasy that I’m convinced can exist at some point.


Motivational and Creative Sparks

This is a bit different than what I just talked about. You see, when we return home, I’m struck with a motivation and creativity that I never knew I had in me. Now this doesn’t last forever, but I’m doing my best in maintaining this by posting quite regularly about my experiences in this mountain paradise. It’s quite clear that I don’t need any Ripley’s attractions, souvenir shops, or thrill rides to have a full dose of excitement and adrenaline from a visit to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains.


Do you have the same spark that I do when coming here? I know some people can at least relate to some of what I described in this post. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having fun with all the things you can do on a Gatlinburg vacation for money. We happen to love visiting the moonshine shops and eating at plenty of the fine eateries in town, but these feelings and emotions that come over me seal the deal in planning for our next Gatlinburg vacation. Thanks for reading, everyone!