This is just my opinion, but I have an excellent list of 4 places in Gatlinburg where salad is not only on the menu, but it delivers surprisingly well in the land of fudge shops, pancakes, and moonshine. For the last 3 trips to Gatlinburg, I’ve done plenty of salad ordering, and overall, I’ve been extremely pleased. Here are my 4 that I recommend if you’re sick and tired of all the sweet stuff, or you’re just trying (try being the key word here) to avoid it altogether.

4. Cherokee Grill

I have Cherokee Grill at #4 mainly because I was able to try their filet mignon sliced on one of their salads. I actually don’t remember what dressing I ordered with it, but I was very happy with the presentation and taste. What else can you expect from one of our favorite places to get steak—and their fabulous side items as well. Okay, wait, now I remember the dressing. It was their Grilled Asian Steak Salad, featuring a Kung-Pao peanut sauce. This was an out-of-the-box choice for me, but I would order it again.


3. Calhoun’s

If you’re familiar with the restaurants here, you’re seeing a theme. Copper Cellar Restaurants do a fine job with salads, and they very easily could mail it in, especially when Calhoun’s is known for fantastic Tennessee barbecue. Well, with Gatlinburg being one of 9 locations, they’re doing more than just this Southern staple well. Their Smokehouse Salad is a platter of protein, and it is quite satisfying and filling. Drench it in a peculiar but rich and pleasant tasting Cheddar Cheese Dressing, and this becomes a wonderful discovery.


2. Taste of Italy

First of all, I had more than just a salad here, and the fact that it was only a side salad should tell you all you need to know about how I feel about ranking them at #2. I don’t think I had ever tried Italian dressing until we came here; now it’s my favorite dressing, but I’ve never had any that’s touched Taste of Italy’s. It is the owner’s house made recipe, and it is so creamy and delicious! If they offered it in the bottle, I would’ve waved cash at the server and had them give me one for the ride home. Yes, it was that good!


1. Smoky Mountain Brewery

Surprise! Yes, it’s another Copper Cellar Restaurant, and when it comes to spectacular salads in Gatlinburg, this craft beer lodge is the gold standard. In the beginning of our trips to the Burg, we raved—and still do—about their pizza. You can add leafy greens to this list now. Here, I’m talking about the Brewmaster Club Salad, and it had everything you could want in a salad. Bacon? Check. Roasted Chicken? Check. Ham? Check Yes! Add mixed greens and healthy dose of vegetables topped with cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette—a surprise star of the salad—and it equals the best salad I’ve had in Gatlinburg…so far.


Right now, these are my top 4 salads in Gatlinburg. I would love to hear your favorite places for salad too, so feel free to leave a comment, either on social media or on my blog. There were a few places that just didn’t make it on the list, but it wasn’t because they weren’t delicious; they just weren’t the best of the best. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it.