On our most recent vacation, we stayed at our third different condo in Gatlinburg. In the past we have stayed at Summit Manor, and then last year we settled in at Laurel Inn condos. While each one definitely had their pros and cons, this year’s stay was overall the most pleasing one of the three. That’s not to say there weren’t a few down points to our condo, but we enjoyed this one like none prior. Let me go into a little bit of the details without too much rambling.


This was a bit of a concern at first. The reason being we weren’t exactly sure where these condos (townhouses if you want to get technical) were, since we had never walked back this far. Once you enter Gatlinburg, make a left at Cherokee Orchard Road—just past Anakeeta—and then make another left down Baskins Creek Road (where the Olde Gatlinburg Place condos are located). Down a bit on the left is a sign for Gatlinburg Village, and all that’s left was finding the unit, which was easy. What this amounts to is a 10 minute walk to the back of The Village Shops—if you’re casually strolling. While the location of Summit Manor couldn’t be beat, it was easier than Laurel Inn, which features a strenuous set of steps. We had no complaints with this aspect, despite the fact that we’ve been spoiled in the past.



If they weren’t building more condos in Gatlinburg to replace the ones in this village that were claimed by the fires a few years ago, this would be peaceful perfection. However, we weren’t bothered at all by the noise coming from this area, as it wasn’t noticeable at times, and it ceased in the middle of the afternoon anyway. Besides, at this time of day we usually weren’t even in the condo; we did our share of exploring, sampling, and shopping. I wasn’t really expecting to have a view, but we actually did. The new and improved Skylift was in view from the screened in patio, even though we did face other units. Okay, so that has nothing to do with noise, but let’s move on to other matters:)


Pictures never seem to do anything justice, no matter what you’re looking at online. Sometimes it works positively and vice versa, but in our case, it was definitely the former. Our initial expectation was that the living room was on the main floor but it was actually up a set of stairs, with the loft area being accessed by a spiral staircase (which I predictably bumped my head on once…but only once:). For the 4 of us, it was plenty of space. The only problem was deciding which bedroom my wife and I wanted to take. We loved the layout, and it absolutely destroys hotel-living on vacation.




Details, Cleanliness, and Comfort

Obviously, this place was wonderfully comfortable. The biggest unknown—and one that we approach cautiously with any place—were the beds. After a less than ideal first night, I slept like a baby the rest of our vacation. The boys and my wife were very pleased as well. Overall, we had no major complaints upon check-in with the cleanliness. There were a few minor demerits, but I’d be nitpicking if I mentioned them. After an initial trial with the key code, we loved how easy it was to get in and out of our unit. An underrated aspect of this condo is the ability to park in a carport area, which not only protects your car from the hot East Tennessee sun, it keeps you from getting wet when packing up to go home. So this came in handy on the last morning as the skies opened up.


I want to give a big thanks to Mike, who rented out his condo to us on this trip. I have to admit, we were a bit uneasy booking from someone whom I had only chatted with on social media, but my fears—and eventually, my wife’s—were put aside during the lead-up to our stay. Would we stay here again? Absolutely! We would actually love to book it again the next time we’re in town. Mike has several condos in Gatlinburg Village that he rents out, and here is one place where you can find him if you’re interested.


Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed my recent posts involving my vacation. Anything I pick up on I like to share with you all, especially regarding my experiences that you may find helpful if you decide to spend your vacation at a condo in Gatlinburg, or anyplace that suits your needs. See you next time!