Sometimes it’s just not possible to do everything we want to do on our Gatlinburg vacation. It stinks, but we had to omit a few things from our visit, much to our disappointment. However, we take great solace in the fact there WILL be a next time, and expect that we will return to these places that we’ve enjoyed in the past. Here are a few glaring ones we missed in 2019’s vacation edition.

Cherokee Grill


This is such a great place to eat, which is why it’s shocking that we didn’t go here on our Gatlinburg vacation this year. We normally come for the ultra flavorful steaks, but never have we had side dishes that deliver the goods as much as Cherokee Grill does. Chances are, if it says Prosperity next to the entree, it’s going to be awesome, and whether it’s steak or pork chops, there’s no denying it. The problem on this particular visit was the following: We just didn’t have it in our budget, and normally this isn’t a big deal, but with 4 of us going now, it was not in the cards…well, at least not this time. While we feel it wasn’t a mistake not to go, we’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen next time:)

Best Italian


A few years ago I crowned this popular Italian restaurant as having the best pizza in Gatlinburg. On our vacation this year, though, they were a no-go. This is mainly due to the service, which had taken a nosedive on our previous two visits. We feel like there’s just too much competition here to keep coming back just to be disappointed, especially when there’s other places that won’t. I believe we will return sometime, but it may not be on the list for our next visit yet.

The Skylift Park and Skybridge


I really thought this would be the trip where I finally conquered my fear of the Skylift to experience the longest pedestrian suspension bride in the country. Sadly, it was not to be. There were factors at play: For one, I heard they are hard at work brainstorming new ideas for the Skylift Park. Two, well, I guess I couldn’t justify the cost, and that’s mainly due to my hesitancy of even getting on it. As soon as I walked past, those pesky jitters reared its ugly head again. Maybe next time, right?

Ole Red


I remember being excited to hear about visiting this new Gatlinburg restaurant/nightclub—owned by country star, Blake Shelton—when it opened prior to our upcoming vacation. We had actually figured we were going to go, but we weren’t exactly thrilled with the menu options. I know this may come as a surprise to some of you—especially if you’ve visited—but we weren’t big fans of the options and the price. We’ve gone enough times to know that food will generally be a bit higher here, but we’ve also found enough gems to justify the price—or maybe we felt the value was superb. I still wouldn’t mind coming here in the future, but the time just wasn’t now.

Feel free to suggest anything, or just tell me how wrong we were for not visiting these popular places. Once more, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more informative Gatlinburg posts!