Our Gatlinburg vacation wrapped up a few days ago, and while we are sad that it’s over, we have added to our large treasure trove of memories. In my 2 previous blog posts, I’ve talked about our day in the Great Smoky Mountains and our visit to their fantastic pancake restaurants, plus my morning donut dashes. To put a nice bow on our trip, I’ll finish up the trip blogging with one final post about some of the other things we did that are certainly worth mentioning.

A Tour With Drinks and Comedy

If you’ve never been to Old Dad’s General Store, in the front they have souvenirs. On the shelf near the front to the left are books that we discovered a few years ago. The author of these books is Alex Stokes, and he is a comedian that does comedy tours in Gatlinburg—one that is kid-friendly, and one that solely for adults 21 and up. Anyway, his books are hilarious accounts of interactions with tourists, and I highly recommend you check them out.


My wife and I were the lucky guinea pigs on his first tour of the summer of 2019. After meeting up at the delicious Tom and Earl’s Back Alley Grill, we visited a few retail shops, and of course, did our share of alcohol tastings. It was such a fun time getting to meet him and letting him show us around—even though we’re regulars to Gatlinburg tourism. He totally left it up to us to decide how much or how little to consume, but we made the choice to do more than enough. Beer, wine, cider, and even moonshine slushies were consumed as we ventured around doing plenty of sampling. Below are links to all the places we visited and how to find Mr. Alex Stokes.


Alex’s Website


Tennessee Cider Company


Tennessee Homemade Wines


Gatlinburg Brewing Company


Sugarlands Distilling Company


Trunk of Man


Tom and Earl’s Back Alley Grill


Fun With the Family

Even though the boys’ favorite hangout spot was normally the pool at our condo, we took in a few of the tourist attractions in town. Gatlin’s Games is in the Reagan Terrace Mall downtown, and you can do mini golf, laser tag, bumper cars, and a few other indoor mind and reflexive games. Following that, I went with the boys to the Ripley’s 5D Theater. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but we waited longer to get in than the experience itself, so not the best use of time and money. But now I can say I’ve at least done it.


Arts and Crafts Community

My wife and I got away before lunch on Monday and ventured out to the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community where we saw a familiar face and a new destination to add to our vacation. We got to know Lori Steele and her Farmhouse Mercantile shop when she was in the Covered Bridge area, but now she’s located in the Smoky Mountain Arts and Crafts Village, which is a short drive down Glades Road on the right. It was so nice seeing her, and we bought a few souvenirs to take home with us. Click here to visit the Farmhouse Mercantile Facebook page.


We also bought a few pottery items from Fowler’s Clay Works, but the biggest eye-opener was Santa’s Clauset. What a fantastic Christmas shop! In fact, it’s the largest one in Gatlinburg with its many rooms upstairs and downstairs filled with some of the best Christmas items—it even impressed me!

After we finished our shopping, we had a lunch date at Alamo Steakhouse. All I can say is it’s awesome! I highly suggest visiting here as it was totally rebuilt following the Gatlinburg fires of 2016 that destroyed the old one.



Once again, I’d like to thank all of you for reading about our June 2019 vacation. I’m back to work tomorrow, but at some point I’ll go more in depth about our excellent accommodations and who knows what else. We hope to visit again before next summer, but if not, we’ll just have to accept it. Let the countdown begin until our next Gatlinburg vacation!