If you haven’t figured it out yet, I absolutely love to eat breakfast in Gatlinburg. Yes, there are pancake houses galore, but I’ve found plenty of enough reasons to get excited about them, despite my avoidance of the pillow-y delights in recent visits. In this blog, I’ll talk about an obvious exception to my healthy eating, a few mainstays, and a surprise addition to our breakfast eating ways on vacation in Gatlinburg.

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

Normally, this is a slam dunk when it comes to a reliably fast and tasty breakfast in Gatlinburg, but this wasn’t necessarily the case on this visit. I ordered the Splinter Maples Scrambler, and it certainly didn’t live up to my lofty expectations; in fact, it was very average. It certainly didn’t look like a regular Crockett’s meal that always seems to fill you up. My wife even was disappointed in her cinnamon roll. It was barely warm, as was the case with my food. I’m wondering if they’re prioritizing the new Five Oaks Farm Kitchen, which is their sister restaurant that opened not long ago in Sevierville. I can’t believe it’s now an open conversation as to whether we return next time, but I think they deserve another shot, so we’ll see.

My meh! breakfast, I hate to say.

Log Cabin Pancake House

Day 2 for breakfast in Gatlinburg—and on the morning of our hike day—was at Log Cabin Pancake House. We’ve returned here on our last 3 visits due in part to their reliably good omelets, pancakes, and biscuits. As for those biscuits, they are a clear cut winner, in my opinion, as the best I’ve had in town. They were excellent again, but fair warning to you: Don’t be tempted by their waffles, even if they now feature one with a white chocolate topping—good, but you’re much better off getting pancakes, as my wife learned.

Those biscuits are amazing!

The Donut Friar

Days 3 and 4 were my splurge mornings for breakfast in Gatlinburg. Of course, I’m referring to the now 50-year-old shop in the Village. The first morning I selected my favorite: the Chocolate Chipper; the second morning brought me off the board a bit with a Cinnamon Cake. Oh boy, it was so light and fluffy! I think maybe I’ll have to get this one again next time. My son, Zach, indulged in the elongated Chocolate Eclair, and he was beyond pleased with the custard filling. If you love donuts, you can’t possibly deny this staple in Gatlinburg.

I fancifully displayed the Cinnamon Cake by the fountain. It was well deserved—and I hadn’t even tasted it yet:)
My favorite: the Chocolate Cruller

Little House of Pancakes

Our last Gatlinburg breakfast of vacation might just have been our favorite of the sit-down establishments. My wife and I tried this restaurant for the first time last August, and we made it a point to return. We were not disappointed. Everything came out hot and was better than we remembered—and the pancakes too! With no disrespect to the other pancake houses, we think they have the best pancakes in Gatlinburg. And you have to know that is some high praise. They will not be left off the list on our next visit—and maybe not for a while after this glorious breakfast!

Loved my Bacon and Cheese Omelet. That bacon was nice and crispy!

An Honorable Mention in Conclusion

On a recommendation from a local—whom I will mention in another post—we visited the brand spanking new Tennessee Jed’s, located in Baskins Square just across from The Village. We sampled a few of the owner’s offerings and liked what he presented. My wife even requested I order a Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich for her on my Donut Friar run. She thought it was delicious, so we hope nothing but the best for Chris in succeeding. Give him a try! Here is his menu below.

I want to try that Crustless Quiche next time! They do have salads and a kids menu, plus a few desserts too.

So a few usual hits, and an expected foul tap (excuse the baseball reference) rounded out our Gatlinburg breakfasts. As always, thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for more of our vacation soon!