While options are aplenty in Gatlinburg as far as restaurants are concerned, Big Daddy’s Pizzeria is giving guests an interesting addition to their tasty menu.


Many restaurants all over—not just in Gatlinburg—offer gluten free menu items for people with celiac disease, but the Johnson Family of Restaurants—which owns Big Daddy’s Pizzeria—is spearheading the trend of the newest diet craze in one of the more unlikelier areas for healthy eating. That’s right, you’ve probably heard of the keto and low-carb lifestyle, and they’ve responded by giving people who’ve transitioned to these styles a new pizza choice.

All 3 Big Daddy’s locations in the Smoky Mountain area have added a sausage crust pizza to their already impressive menu. This is a full pound of sausage rolled out to form a meaty crust. Many low-carb pizzas are made with either a cauliflower or chicken crust, so this goes away from the norm a little, but I’m sure it’s no less tasty. For a 10-inch pizza, you’ll have to add an extra $5.99 for this; understandably, this is due to the price difference of the meat compared to a flour crust.

The new sausage crust pizza from Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

I haven’t been paid by Big Daddy’s to promote their new menu item or applaud our visits, but let me tell you, our best service consistently has been here and other Johnson Family of Restaurants (Alamo Steakhouse and Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que are the other top-notch places for great food and superior service). I must say that ownership is doing a fantastic job of hiring smiling faces and people who care about their guests’ experience. This is coming from someone who lives almost 7 hours away. In fact, I would love to work for this company, seeing the care given to employees and guests alike.

Be sure to visit this restaurant even if you’re not interested in the sausage pizza. Like I just said, you’ll have plenty of other great options, plus the importance their hard workers give in making it a five-star restaurant visit all around. Their hours are 11-9 from Sunday through Thursday, and weekends until 10. It’s a great family experience that the kids can also get behind: they can form and toss the dough for own pizza, plus excellent dessert choices!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll return soon for a preview of our much anticipated June visit that’s approaching quickly!