I normally don’t post about things not directly related to Gatlinburg, which is why this one may seem a little out of place. I’ve been doing some hardcore research and work on freelance writing lately, so I apologize if you’ve been expecting some new and updated info about happenings in Gatlinburg.

The posts that I’ve shared on my social media accounts—most notably my Twitter page, but sometimes on Facebook—have been my work, even though I’m just listed as a contributor. I’m happy to be doing it, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to help businesses succeed through my writing—at least I hope so, anyway.

I’m excited to turn the page on my GatlinburgNOW blog in the not too distant future. I am looking to seriously start investing and treating this like a business. I’ll be sharing more posts on social media, but I won’t be blasting my followers with 15-20 of them daily—that’s just too much, in my opinion.

So the goal isn’t to change too much; I will be posting more often and giving you even more of what I love about Gatlinburg in much more detail. I’m thinking of doing a once a week feature on businesses we support—and some we have an interest in visiting on future trips. Also, a question and answer session for those businesses who want to participate.

Hopefully, this will ramp up my page views without sacrificing the enjoyment I get out of writing about my favorite place for a peaceful getaway. I mean, that’s how this all started in the first place, some three years ago. My, how time flies! Anyway, I feel it’s past due, and even though I don’t get a ton of page views, I’m hoping the frequency and quality of my content will enable more of you to see my passion.

I appreciate all of my followers no matter where you follow me from. I am happy to engage in conversation with any of you, and if you’re interested in knowing something—or are thinking of visiting Gatlinburg—I will be happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Remember: I am just a regular guy from the Buckeye state who blogs about the Smoky Mountains in the Volunteer State!

Thanks for your patience, and I can’t wait to get started on a new and improved site, so stay tuned for some changes coming soon!