Before I get started with my reasons for taking a Gatlinburg vacation, let me update you with what I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been doing a lot of freelance writing, so I’ve neglected my blog a little. I’m still confident my writing will take me places, but I need to keep working hard and make the right connections to live my dream. It’s hard knowing you have drag yourself out of bed every day doing things that put food on the table, but don’t inspire you—realizing that it’s taking away from your passion. It’s a constant juggling act of pros and cons, but this is the path that I want to take. Alright, let’s get to my 5 reasons why you should take a Gatlinburg vacation.

1. The Mountains Give You an Indescribable Feeling


A Gatlinburg vacation is a great way to relieve the stress caused by the rigors of your job that have led to burnout status—myself included. The epiphany for us came when we first caught a glimpse of those Smoky Mountains. It was such an awe-inspiring feeling we’ll never forget. However, I don’t think we truly knew of its power until we came back home and immediately went into withdrawal—a feeling we never had with any other vacation. You simply have to go in order to truly realize what this environment does to your mind, which can only be described by myself as a sort of euphoric state of bliss and inspiration combining to form a creative burst that was previously unknown to me.

2. Retail Therapy


Going on a Gatlinburg vacation also conjures up a superficial longing for some retail therapy. With everything Gatlinburg offers to visitors, near or far, it doesn’t take much for these materialistic desires to surface. Shops here range from the unique—try The Village for one—to the downright touristy ones that are the cheap T’s you can find virtually everywhere. They all deserve a place here, and we’ve taken in darn near every single one of them. Some have bemoaned these shops as tacky, but for those people—even the ones who enjoy them too—let me tell you that the Arts and Crafts Community is a lovely loop road filled with dozens of artisans and crafters displaying their one-of-a-kind artwork to the tourist crowd. I envy this collection of artists doing what they love for a living and preaching it to people. It gives us all hope that we’ll hopefully stop wasting our lives to find some enjoyment out of something that can still support us. They’re not preachy in a bad way; they’re just very friendly people that don’t let things bring them down, and this to me is Southern hospitality at the highest degree.

3. The Kids Will Love It Too


While I certainly recommend a Gatlinburg vacation for a couples getaway—it’s an extremely popular wedding destination too—there’s also nothing better than spending a vacation showing the kids a good time. The Ripley’s attractions are fantastic filler activities for when it’s too hot, cold, or rainy—especially the famed Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. Beautiful days in the Smoky Mountains should really be spent introducing them to the wondrous National Park. There are hundreds of miles of trails for hiking, exploring pioneer log homes, and viewing the spectacular waterfalls that make it nothing short of a nature’s playground. We know first-hand how hard it can be to drag your kids from their technology devices, but in the end, they’ll appreciate it, even if it takes them years and a family of their own to realize it.

4. Great Underrated Food


A Gatlinburg vacation may not be the first place people think about for great food options, but I want you to make a visit here and tell me if it doesn’t surpass at least some of the quality of food you eat in your hometown—for the most part, this is true for us. I’m not even talking about the Southern classics that are sub-par or non-existent in these Northern parts: grits, fried green tomatoes, okra, corn puddin’—that’s right, puddin’. Traditional American fare such as pizza, steak, and chicken are all done superbly in this tourist town. There’s pizza everywhere in my hometown, but most of it don’t hold a candle to the pies we get in Gatlinburg. For us, a Gatlinburg vacation isn’t complete without hitting up our favorite delicious delights.

5. You’ll Want to Come Back…Soon


For all the reasons I’ve just mentioned will assuredly make you want to return for another Gatlinburg vacation. Heck, you may find—us included—that you can’t wait a full year to come back. This is why we’ve taken this magical journey at least twice a year for 4 of the last 5 years, despite us living almost 7 hours away. As of this writing, we’re thinking of a third trip coming up soon if things fall into place. We have so many good memories of this place that have led us to fall into that dream world of moving closer—but not in Gatlinburg. However, we’re not running here without the right job in line and taking a hard look at the pros and cons. If it does happen, it’ll be because of why I do this in my limited spare time, spilling my feeling on paper or the screen and demonstrating my passion for others to see. That, my friends, is real.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. I love responding to people who took the time to read my posts!