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October 2017

My Top 3 Candy Shops in Gatlinburg

Candy? In Gatlinburg? No, really? I know. It doesn't take a rocket scientist--or much research at all--to figure out that Gatlinburg is pretty loaded when it comes to sugar content, especially downtown on the Parkway. I have a sweet tooth... Continue Reading →


The 2017 Version of Winterfest and the Chili Cook-Off in Gatlinburg

Yes, the time is fast approaching. It seems like just yesterday that folks were sweltering in the summer heat but enjoying everything that Gatlinburg offers to its millions of guests every year. But now that the leaves are changing their... Continue Reading →

My Top 3 Restaurants for Pancakes in Gatlinburg

Recently, I wrote about where I thought were the best places in Gatlinburg to get a pizza. Now I would like to specify that these were not necessarily the best restaurants overall, since we only usually visit these places for... Continue Reading →

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