Are you burnt out on Pancake Houses in the Smokies?

Do you want a hearty breakfast with plenty of options?…and good prices?

Do you just want something…a little different?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I believe you may want to give Crockett’s Breakfast Camp a try in Gatlinburg. I have eaten here with my family eleven times total in the four years it’s been open, and it has become our number one option for breakfast when we are on vacation in Gatlinburg. We love everything there is to offer at Crockett’s, and I’d like to explain why you should try them.


The restaurant exists as an homage to David C. “Crockett” Maples, a soldier and frontiersman, whose story can be found here. Inside the restaurant is a recreation of a mountain camp that he might have survived in during harsh winters in the nineteenth century Smoky Mountains. The seating inside is made of wooden benches with longer ones to accommodate larger groups of people. While inside, you can hear the sweet sounds of bluegrass music that further enhances the feeling of being in a mountain-style camp. I also can’t forget about something that is unique to Crockett’s in contrast to other traditional breakfast establishments–the menu. It is basically a newspaper that you can take with you that bears the name of what Gatlinburg used to be called: White Oak Flats Daily Post. It is dated Wednesday, November 24, 1886, and it features a few short articles of true Smokies stories of the past. These stories are on the front and back of the paper, while the menu is page 2 and 3 on the inside–pretty cool, right.



The service we have received has been nothing short of excellent each and every time we visit. We recognize a few of the servers as having been there on our very first visits, so that should tell you what they think about working there as well. We see it in their faces even when we usually arrive at shortly after 7, which is when they open their doors for business. The cooks are usually very fast, as our food never arrives much more than five minutes after we order. They even have a small area with retail items for sale, and they will help you decide which souvenir you want to buy if you’ve enjoyed everything as much as we have. I finally broke down and bought a handmade pottery mug for my morning coffee on our last trip. Last year I purchased a T-shirt from the shop that I proudly wear back here in Ohio.


Food and Price

Now let me tell you, you better have an appetite when you visit Crockett’s Breakfast Camp, because it will more than likely keep you from eating anything else tempting you on the Parkway until dinner…or maybe even the entire day. I’ve talked in previous posts about Crockett’s only briefly, but I can’t emphasize how tasty everything is. You can have a giant Cathead Biscuit with your choice of meat, cheese, and egg with corn pone and a side of your choice for just $5.95–a steal if you ask anyone who’s been here. The skillets–one of which I had on our very first visit–have in them a meat entree, eggs, grits, biscuit, another side, and an Aretha Frankenstein Pancake, which is every bit as big as it sounds; it’s an inch thick and is made with cornmeal, so you’re basically eating a super-sized piece of cornbread.


I’ve had a different menu item every time we’ve visited, and I can say they are very diverse in their selection. Last spring I enjoyed what could be described as more of a Mexican dish: Crockett’s Breakfast Quesadilla which is 3 scrambled eggs, cheddar and jack cheese, Pico de gallo and smoked bacon grilled in a flour tortilla; and it’s served with refried beans and Mexican rice. This meal filled me up more than any meal I’ve eaten here, and it was only $8.95. The skillets which I mentioned earlier vary from $11.95 at their cheapest to $14.95, and that’s only because your main entree is Rainbow Trout–more proof of how diversified they are with the menu.


One of my favorite menu items is actually their waffles. I’ve had three of the five waffle offerings (that’s a mouthful–pun intended), and those are all in the $8-$9 range. Here is a list of all the toppings you can order on–or in–your waffle: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, pecans, bananas, bacon, Fuji apples and cinnamon candies–even Greek yogurt and granola; let’s even throw in a side of caramel sauce for good measure (once again, pun intended). So…are you hungry yet. Wait…I know you want me to mention their cinnamon rolls which you can hungrily gaze at them making in the window when you walk inside. That’s right, you won’t believe how good–and how huge they are. My wife and I believe we will never eat another cinnamon roll as good as Crockett’s makes…EVER!



I can honestly say there is only one menu item I won’t order off the menu–and that is their eggs benedict. Yes, that’s right, they also make these ranging from $8-$10, and they include: White Oak Flats Eggs Benedict, Corned Beef Hash Benedict, and Florentine Benedict. I only like my eggs scrambled so if this sounds like something you might enjoy too, their menu is online here.

Final Thoughts

I believe if you look on any restaurant review site, Crockett’s Breakfast Camp is either number one–or one of the highest rated restaurant in the Pancake Heaven that is Gatlinburg. I actually think very highly of Pancake Pantry and Log Cabin Pancake House; however, if you want a one-of-a-kind experience that I believe is unmatched, then I recommend you try Crockett’s Breakfast Camp for an all-around fantastic breakfast.

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