I’d like to begin Part 3 by adding something I forgot to mention in my previous post. On Wednesday night my son and I went up on the Space Needle. He had visited this centerpiece attraction in Gatlinburg earlier in the day with my wife–but the tickets were still valid for another trip so we took advantage by going up the 407 feet before sundown. The top underwent a bit of a facelift since the last time we were here, and it looks bigger with the new flooring. The views are always amazing on the Space Needle; especially when the skies are blue and you can see for miles the beauty of The Smoky Mountains.


Amazing views from The Space Needle



Today was the day we went to Ober Gatlinburg; we switched days when Monday turned out to be a rainy one. I would love to go into greater detail about our very first time up to the year-round ski resort; however, I do have a post that is pending on MobileBrochure that details the adventures Zac and I enjoyed there. I will say that the very thing that kept us from going to Ober Gatlinburg–the tram that takes you up the mountain–was actually not so bad at all. I will say that we enjoyed the experience and look for it to be posted on MobileBrochure, as they have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account that will keep you informed daily.


A day of fun at Ober Gatlinburg


When we returned, Zac was exhausted–probably from all the early morning semi-rude awakenings–and he took a rare nap at the hotel. During this time, I chilled out by enjoying the nice weather and serenity on the balcony. It’s nice that we can also catch sight of the Ober Gatlinburg trams from our room, and we don’t have to be jittery anymore seeing them make the trip to and from the resort.

Our second pizza night was enjoyed by us at highly-rated Big Daddy’s in Gatlinburg. They serve up a wood-fired pizza, and they use fresh ingredients which justify their popularity on review sites. As an appetizer, we ordered their Dough Daddies, which are very doughy on the inside with a nice crunch on the outside. Even better was probably their house-made marinara sauce–a nice sweet sauce that definitely does not come from a can. The only problem we had with the pizza was it greasiness, but with the pepperoni, it is a hard thing to avoid. The crust is nice and crunchy with a nice flavor from the grill; it is thin but doesn’t feel like a true New York style, which is not a bad thing, because it stands on its own merits.

After a tasty dinner, we tied up some of our loose ends by buying some fudge from Chocolate Monkey that we bring home to devour and turned in some arcade points from Fannie Farkle’s. Zac decided to save his points from Arcadia for next time since he wants to get a nice prize from there; they have the better selection so this wasn’t a big surprise.


Sadly, today was the day our vacation came to an end. It’s always the day we all dread when we must face the realities of normal day-to-day routines. We are all thankful that we are able to make such a trip every year; we work hard every day to give ourselves this wonderful vacation every year.

We have to make one final trip to our favorite breakfast spots before we make the long drive home. First, we stopped at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp, where I celebrated our tenth visit here by ordering the Pecan Waffle, while my son and wife ordered the Cheese Omelet and Cathead Stacker, respectively. My only critique on this visit would be the caramel sauce being a bit too sweet–but is that really a bad thing, though. Of course, we stopped at The Donut Friar, where we bought a half-dozen donuts for home. I think they had just raised the prices on their donuts, as I noticed a nickel increase on the iced cake donuts and a two cent increase on the plain or glazed ones; it’s safe to say this won’t be a deterrent to coming back.


A delightful half dozen from The Donut Friar



The near-perfect Pecan Waffles at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp


I hope you all enjoyed my three part series on our yearly June trip to Gatlinburg with the three of us. We don’t plan on altering our vacation as long as we reside here in Ohio. The Smoky Mountains are truly a mood altering and relaxing place for us, and if we are fortunate enough, we will make it our home someday. Thanks again, and I appreciate everyone who decided to make time to read my posts! See you all next time!