We are now in the middle of May, so that means less than three weeks until our annual summer trip to Gatlinburg. I just wanted to say a few random things about what I’ve observed from seven hours away as far as happenings, things I’m looking forward to, and soon-to-be attractions coming to the Burg. If you’re an obsessed follower of this area, then you’ll already be aware of some of these things, but if not, I hope I can inform you all a bit.

Just last week Gatlinburg hosted the Beans and Cornbread fest, and of course, it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves by taste testing some of this fine Southern goodness. Erik Dobell from Impossibilities Show was downtown doing some live interviews and you can see some of that here.

There are a few attractions in town that are prepping for their grand openings soon. Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster will be the latest installment of Gatlinburg fun, and they were figuring on a mid-May opening, but I haven’t heard if the opening is in the next few days or being pushed to June. They are located between Hillbilly Golf and Zoder’s Inn and feature a mountain glider in addition to the gravity-propelled coaster. More details of this will follow, as their website is still a bit incomplete.

Anakeesta has been the most hyped attraction that is being constructed across from Ripley’s Aquarium. From the Parkway you will be able to ride a chondola up to Anakeesta Mountain, where Firefly Village and a host of other outdoor activities awaits you. They are feverishly getting set for a July opening, but once again, stay tuned and keep updated by visiting their website, which gives A LOT of good information about what you can expect to find there.

As far as my family’s trip is concerned, we have compiled our list of must-do’s knowing at the same time that the weather or other speed bumps could alter our plans. I really don’t need to list all of the places we are planning on visiting since I’ve done this song and dance on my blog multiple times, so I won’t bore you with those details. We do want to return to Big Daddy’s Pizza in Gatlinburg, which we only visited once, and that was…GASP!…four years ago, already. We also want to return to Clingman’s Dome, which my son has not seen yet, but we are looking at several other hikes as well, since we can certainly fit in a few on our hike day.

The Arts and Crafts Community is also another must for us now; especially, since now we have discovered Custom Creations by Beth in The Covered Bridge at the Glades. It is a small shop but it is illuminated with her colorful paintings of flowers, mountains, and other outdoorsy things featured on different canvases. We bought one of her paintings here in April, and I strongly recommend you check out her talented creations.

I am looking forward to our latest episode of memories here. Heck, I’m even thinking about getting a caramel apple at one of the candy shops in town. You should already know what my favorite one is, but I actually haven’t decided on a location for this treat yet. I’ll leave you in suspense until my next post, which will either be on my blog or on MobileBrochure.com. Hope you enjoyed reading, and if I haven’t written anything by June, I will have a trip report — featured exclusively on MobileBrochure — that involves my much anticipated first trip to Ober Gatlinburg with my son in tow. Thanks again, and feel free to comment what you thought about this post!