So I am back home after our five day trip to Gatlinburg, and I am already looking forward to the next one. I can’t seem to have a bad trip, no matter what happens on the way there,(rain) nor when we are in town (crowds, disappointing food experience). I will have fond memories of this trip in addition to the ones I have made in the past.

On this post, I will break down my trip into my time spent in town and out of town. First on the agenda will be my experiences downtown with the wife and kid.

We checked into our hotel–Quality Inn Creekside–on Sunday and brought our supplies up to the same hillside room we stayed back in March. Dinner was at Smoky Mountain Brewery and we were treated with the same great pizza we are always served. We ordered extra cheese, but it didn’t quite seem to have much on it. Nonetheless, it was quite good.

My son enjoying his pizza at Smoky Mountain Brewery

Monday was my free morning to walk down to my usual spot in the Village and get a few of the Donut Friar’s amazing donuts, and then roll back into the corner where Coffee & Company is located to order my new favorite, Shot in the Dark coffee. We originally were going to walk to Log Cabin Pancake House, but the wife and kid wanted to sleep in, so that plan was nixed.

Four of the best donuts from The Donut Friar

Unfortunately, we were disappointed in dinner at Loco Burro. The wife and I shared the medium chicken fajitas plate, and while the chicken was good, they provided us with a meager helping of lettuce and pico. We had to ask for more and were given more, but for the money spent, it didn’t seem to be worth it. Oh well, maybe next time we will try No Way Jose’s by the aquarium.

Of course no trip to Gatlinburg is complete without browsing some of the shops downtown. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there are some that I will ignore, because they are just not my style and never will be. I still enjoy the moonshine sampling, as it is a fun way to spend a bit of your time. Stay tuned for a separate post on some of these shops.

Dinner on Tuesday was spent at Best Italian in the Elks Plaza. Now I know I rave about the pizza at the Brewery, but I’m going to have to vote this place as the best pizza of the trip. All we needed was extra cheese and it delivered–with plenty of cheese that you had to peel apart using both hands. It was…hands down the best this time.

Tuesday evening was spent taking in a mentalist show by Erik Dobell inside the Iris Theater at the Space Needle. We all enjoyed some of the amazing tricks he showed with some participation from some hand picked audience members (not me). Some of the tricks were entertaining, as he put his own spin to some of them. I highly recommend this show that is below the Space Needle in the Arcadia building.

We also were shown quite a display from Mother Nature when a faint double rainbow appeared one evening. Of course, I ran outside to the balcony to capture this incredible display on my phone.

It was faint but a second rainbow appeared

The other breakfast places we visited are familiar spots in town, and they included Crockett’s Breakfast Camp twice and Pancake Pantry before the long seven hour drive home on Friday. The former has some of the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten, and the latter has some of the best pancakes, so you can’t go wrong with either one.

Cathead stacker with fried bologna at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

Soon I will put together a second post that highlights our experiences that did not involve the downtown area. Thanks for reading.