I’m back with a review of the hotel we stayed at during our most recent trip to Gatlinburg— the Quality Inn Creekside.

First, let me begin by saying we stayed here last year, and received a really good deal on their cottage. Well, we weren’t exactly thrilled with our experience so we gave it another shot, knowing they have a three story building up on the hill beside the Summit Manor Condos, where we stayed in June 2014.

We decided to drive in a day before our reservation— contrary to our initial plans of driving halfway and stopping at a hotel in Kentucky. We arrived at around 8:30 p.m., and hoped we could at least get a room with two double beds. As it turned out, they had the same room booked for us the next day ready for us now. We were beyond thrilled with this and thanked the front desk employee, Matt, who we found out was originally from Northwest Ohio; this shouldn’t have surprised us given the amount of former Ohioans we’ve met that now call the Smoky Mountains home.


Even though it was now evening, we knew we were going to have a positive experience upon entering our hotel room. As I mentioned earlier, our room was located in the tower portion on the hill that sits facing the Space Needle, and has an extended balcony, since it was on the end of the building, which was an added bonus for the price of the room. The room itself contained a decent size fridge, microwave, modern desks and drawers, plenty of room to fit toiletries and clothes, a comfortably firm bed, and great views with no noise from downtown crowds.


The hotel serves a breakfast that is free and starts at 6:30, which is earlier than the breakfast places in town open, so that is very accommodating to the early risers. We didn’t partake simply because there are too many good, if not great, breakfast restaurants to choose from. I spent our free breakfast morning to take a walk down to the Donut Friar, which makes the best donuts and cinnamon bread you will find anywhere in the area; I feel very confident saying this because I’ve had many different donuts in my lifetime, and they are the real deal.

We were so pleased with our stay that we decided to book our exact same room for June. You simply cannot beat those prices for a nice, modern hotel room with great views of the mountains. You also have the option of taking the elevator down to the ground floor into their garage, or walking down a semi-steep hill that takes you right on the Parkway, and in the middle of all the excitement. We couldn’t be more excited to return here in June. I won’t name the hotel we canceled our reservation with to slide in this hotel, since it was nothing they did, but everything that Quality Inn Creekside did to make us very happy. Stay tuned for more posts related to our most recent visit to Gatlinburg. Happy travels everyone!