Ole Smoky Moonshine is hoping to gain some new customers by cementing their footprint in Gatlinburg with the reopening and re-branding of the former Davy Crockett’s Whiskey.

Their new distillery, the Barrelhouse, is a new line that features whiskey. They are now open for business several months after news of their takeover of Davy Crockett’s Whiskey became public.

In the coming days Ole Smoky Whiskey will be available in many retail outlets across Tennessee. Ole Smoky Moonshine is already available in stores throughout the country and even internationally.

Robert Hall, CEO of Ole Smoky, says he is confident this new line will bring great success to the company and hopes it will be a great opportunity to expand their fan base.

Ole Smoky Whiskey will be available in Tennessee in four flavors that were staples of the old Davy Crockett brand: Straight Tennessee Whiskey, Blended Whiskey, Salty Caramel Whiskey, and Tennessee Mud.

So if you love the Ole Smoky brand, you will be excited to know they now have two locations in which to service the liquor lover in you. I personally love to visit the hollar–their original location–to see the many items and souvenirs they have available. I can’t wait to visit to see what they have done to remodel their newest venture. They are located at 650 Parkway, not far from The Village–another hot spot in town. As they used to and still say sometimes; Shine Responsibly!