Christmas is certainly a wonderful time of year, and Gatlinburg is the perfect place to just take the family and enjoy a non-traditional Christmas. I, myself, am not quite ready to do this sort of thing, and my son certainly isn’t either, as I floated the idea to him one day, he quickly shot it down. I guess as a 12 year old, he isn’t ready to spend Christmas in a place we normally spend vacation, and I don’t blame him.

Many people, however, love to spend the holidays in Gatlinburg, and with the weather being a bit chillier, the options are a bit more limited in terms of meals (picnics, grilling, etc.). In doing a search for restaurants that are open for business in Gatlinburg, I was careful since some of the listings are from a few years back. I will provide a link for those spending Christmas in Gatlinburg, who want to know what businesses will be open, as well as a list below. The link, however, will have a list of businesses that you can click on to visit the site. The link is here and it takes you to the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce site.

My list from the site:

Best Italian and Best Italian on the Parkway 11am-11pm

Blaine’s Grill and Bar 2pm-close

Calhoun’s 10:30am-10pm

Cherokee Grill 11am-10pm

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp 7am-11pm

Crawdaddy’s 2pm-1am

Flapjacks Pancakes 7am-12am

Little House of Pancakes 7am-2pm

Loco Burro 10am-1am

Luigi’s 11am-2am

No Way Jose 11am-10pm

Puckers 2pm-1am

Seasons of Ober 11am-6pm

Smoky Mountain Brewery 11:30-close

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek 5:30pm-9pm, reservations

Three Jimmy’s 11am-close

Tom and Earl’s Back Alley Grill 4pm-close

The Vista Grill 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm, reservations

NOTE: I intentionally left off chain restaurants on this list, because there are too many good local places here to eat instead.