You’re planning to attend an event in Gatlinburg, but you either have no idea what to expect, or you are often discouraged by the sheer size of the crowds in town for the event. These tips hopefully will help you manage your trip without pulling your hair out and preventing you from enjoying the event the way you planned on doing.

Book a hotel within walking distance

I listed this first, because it might be the first and most important thing you should do when planning. Most events in town pack the downtown area with tens of thousands of people, and you’ll not want to arrive in town a few hours before the event, because it may already be too late, since traffic is blocked off at a certain time prior to the event. It would be wise to book far enough ahead of time for the night prior to the event so you can reserve your spot on the Parkway early in the day. What’s best is that you won’t even need to pay for parking.

 Mind your manners

Easy for you to say, you might think, but this goes a long way toward ensuring an enjoyable time at the event. Remember, the reason you are here is no different than the throng of people you are enjoying this with. Please be polite and let the small things fly off your shoulder. You are in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Don’t let this fact be lost on you.

Be wary of the weather conditions

This again seems like another no-brainer, but the weather in Gatlinburg can be much different than Sevierville or Pigeon Forge, which is a difference of just ten miles. Make sure you watch the forecast for Gatlinburg on the day of the event. More than likely the local meteorologist will spotlight the actual event and recommend what type of gear you should wear for optimum comfort. If you disregard this, you might be stuck trying to squeeze through the crowd looking for a poncho or other protection. Once again, this is not recommended, because it will cause unnecessary stress on your event.

Take pictures and share them to social media

I don’t need to tell most people this either, but your phone or camera will help you make memories of the event, especially if you don’t attend many like the ones put on in Gatlinburg. Once you’ve taken the pictures, upload the pics to Gatlinburg’s Facebook and Twitter page. The employees at the Chamber of Commerce won’t hesitate to retweet and like the photos you share with them, and thousands of other fans of their page will get to view them as well.

I hope you enjoyed following these tips for your trip to a Gatlinburg event. If you would like to add a comment, or provide more tips, I would love to hear from you.