“The mountains are calling, and I must go”


I don’t know of any one person that I have either talked to or read their opinions on the Smokies that has said they only go to Gatlinburg to shop. If such a person does in fact exist, then they are ignoring what is right on the doorstep, and quite frankly all around.

1 The Great Smoky Mountains

Gatlinburg is a tourist mecca, and it has the surrounding Smoky Mountains to thank for this. There is no shortage of places in town where you can have a great spot to view the mountains.

The first spot, which is a must do for the new visitor, is the Space Needle. Not to be confused with the Seattle Space Needle, this can be accessed by entering the Arcadia fun center. Inside you can find a pizzeria and an arcade with plenty of games for kids and adults. At the front desk you can purchase tickets and you will be led into a glass enclosed elevator that will take you 407 feet to the observation deck. It can be a bit scary if you are afraid of heights, so you are warned. Once you reach the top, you are treated to a 360 degree view of the mountains. There are several view finders which you can look into without putting in any money, and there are signs that explain what you are looking at in every direction and describe some neat facts about the area.

The most impressive sight from the Space Needle is clearly Mt. LeConte. Facing east from the Needle, Mt. LeConte is the third highest peak in the Park, and the highest in the state of Tennessee. While this is a notable fact, even more so is that it’s home to the LeConte lodge, which is the highest lodge in the entire eastern United States.

You do not need to visit the Space Needle to truly appreciate the beauty Gatlinburg has to offer. There are plenty of downtown lodging that provide visitors with some awe-inspiring views. I can’t possibly list them all in this post; you’ll just have to trust me on this one. Do some research on the area. I will add that gatlinburg.com is a great place to begin your research. You can also check out some of the review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and even Google can give the traveler many helpful tips on the best places for the best views. Of course, you can always stop by my blog and see what else I choose to discuss. Remember, I am here to help, and until next time, happy travels