Alright, I know what your thinking. You’re going to tell me there’s only five things when you have an entire blog about Gatlinburg.

Hang on here. This is more of a general feel of what you can expect when you travel to the doorstep of the Smoky Mountains. It is so hard to just pick five things, but if I were more specific, I could come up with about a hundred things in less than an hour. We would not vacation here every year if we didn’t find this place as charming and wondrous as it is advertised, so my next five posts will highlight my favorite things. Cue The Sound of Music if you must.

Number 5: Good ‘ole Southern Hospitality

Before we even decided to take our vacation here, we were told how much friendlier the people down south are, when compared to fellow northerners. I would advise the skeptic to come see for themselves how much more polite and well-mannered are southern folks. There are a good number of different ethnic groups down here in Gatlinburg, but in my experience visiting, they are for the most part just as nice; it’s almost as if the southern hospitality has rubbed off on them too.

If you are ultra politically correct, you are hereby warned; if you find being called “honey,” “darlin,” “sweetheart,” or “baby,” offensive, then you may be uncomfortable in certain situations as a customer in a business here. It is just a common practice, and is no way meant to offend. It is just their way of making you feel welcome, because that is what they have been taught, since family and God provided the foundation of their upbringing.

That is all for this edition of “Great” things about Gatllinburg. I hope you will stay tuned for part two coming soon.