Finding a cabin or condo can be a daunting task, especially in the Smoky Mountains. The following tips should be helpful toward making your stay as easy and breezy as possible:

  • Shop Online– A good starting point would be Gatlinburg’s official tourism website at This will familiarize you with a sizable list of rental companies to choose from. Another good site is VRBO. This is nice if you want to contact the owner of the property directly and book from them.
  • Review Sites– This method has been extremely helpful to me when looking for a rental. I normally use Trip Advisor, but there a few others, like Flipkey and Homeaway, that I have accessed, and they are acceptable as well.
  • Pictures– I can’t leave out probably the most important aspect of cabin searching, and a picture, in this case, really is worth a thousand words. They can also be deceiving, but we have been through this process three times, and each time has met our expectations. Once again, you can refer back to reviews to legitimize that seeing is believing.
  • Location– Where do you want to be when you are on vacation? That is important since there are nice mountain views in town, and if you don’t want to pay for parking, this is a valuable option. If you want peace and quiet far away from town and don’t mind driving into town, or maybe you have no plans on going into Gatlinburg, you can take the route instead.
  • Talk to a Real Live Person– Yes, it is perfectly alright to speak to someone over the phone or in person when booking a cabin. Whether it is a friend, or the person you are booking the rental from, this is a preferred option, and you can better gauge the interest that person has in wanting to do business with you.

I hope you have found my tips helpful. These are the most important ones to me. There may be other options that you the traveler use when finding a nice place to stay on vacation, so feel free to let me know in the comments, and I will be sure to respond.