Most of you following the news in the Smoky Mountains may be aware of a Gatlinburg teen winning recognition for his many years of service to the Park.

Sterling Fisher is an eighteen year old who has been volunteering at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park since he was just six years old. In that time, he had amassed 300 hours before starting high school at nearby Gatlinburg-Pittman High School. Fisher decided to start a junior chapter of the Friends of the Smokies to provide a means for students to connect with the national park.

A quick search has uncovered the story being published in a national recognized newspaper,  The Washington Times.

I’m a little surprised that more students in the area don’t jump at the chance to support the Smokies, being that they are right on their doorstep. I, for one, wouldn’t mind making the extra effort to make a contribution to the beautiful Smoky Mountains. They are quite a wonder, and it is young people like Sterling that are vital in helping maintain what millions of people come to see every year.