It’s about time for a little fun today, so I pulled together a short list of restaurants that are the most popular on two highly reputable sites, Trip Advisor and Yelp. Here is the top five list for TA as of today:


  1. Smoky Mountain Shakes N Dawgs– This is a local establishment known for their many variations on the hot dog and their milk shakes. By my count they have 24 different kinds of hot dogs and nine milk shakes. This is a place that is on our wish list for next time. They are located a few miles east of downtown.
  2. Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp– You can see my review of this fine restaurant on a previous posting where I crowned them champions of breakfast in the Burg. High praise coming from someone who loves a good breakfast that doesn’t necessarily involve pancakes.
  3. Buckhorn Inn– One of the few places in the area where proper dress attire is required, this is actually a bed and breakfast with a different menu every day. You will more than likely need a reservation to find a seat here.
  4. Parton’s Deli– Located before you reach the bustle of town is this deli, which actually steams the subs before serving them. Not a common practice but there is another deli in Knoxville that does the same and that’s Nixon’s Deli. Never been to Parton’s, but if people keep raving, then I’m game.
  5. Mountain Lodge Restaurant– Another breakfast place that is more popular with the locals, but word is getting out to the tourist-y folk. Their prices along with their food cannot be beat, according to them, and yes, it is on the to-eat list.

Here is the top five restaurants according to Yelp:

Yelp logo. (PRNewsFoto)
Yelp logo. (PRNewsFoto)
  1. Cherokee Grill– We have eaten here three times, and I must say that this restaurant has some pretty good steaks, not to mention the Neva’s Potatoes, which might be the best side item on any menu in town. Prices are a bit higher here but worth a splurge.
  2. Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp– See my post dedicated to them. There is good reason they are ranked highly on multiple sites.
  3. Three Jimmy’s– This one is a bit of a surprise to me. This is your typical southern bar-type restaurant with the standard fare, but they do feature some live music. Located down on the East Parkway, I have never been a visitor, so I can’t speak for their food yet.
  4. Smoky Mountain Shakes N Dawgs– See above.
  5. Smoky Mountain Trout House– Located right beside Zoder’s Inn on the Parkway, they have at least 12 different trout dishes on the menu: baked, fried, smoked, broiled… ok enough of Bubba (shameless Forrest Gump reference). I’m not a big seafood fan, and my wife is even less of one, so this one is doubtful at best.

Hopefully I’ve given the future Gatlinburg traveler some thought about where you would like to eat when you’re here. You should get a good read on what I recommend in past, present, and future posts, so read and eat on.