There are plenty of specialty shops in Gatlinburg that offer enough varieties of food that you can easily walk around and make a small meal out of sampling their offerings. The following is a list of shops that allow you to sample the product to entice you to make a puchase.

All Sauced Up

Located on the Parkway near The Village, they offer a variety of dips and jellies to sample that they sell in the store. There is a basket beside these items filled with bread, wheat thins, and grahams that you can use to dip. They also feature kitchen gadgets and miscellaneous food items. A must visit that is conveniently located.


This is more of a chain than a locally owned shop, but it is worth a mention because of the quality of sweets. You not only can sample their tasty fudge, but also their ice cream is better than average despite higher than average prices. They also offer various chocolates, taffy, and caramel apples.


Another location on the Parkway is Maypops. They have only been open a couple years, but they offer free samples of their ice cream. My wife and I have not found better ice cream than here in town. This is an open air shop that also serves novelty donuts and fried fritters. Check out some pics and reviews on Trip Advisor

Smoky Mountain Farms Jelly House

We have not yet visited this local establishment, but we are sure to make the trip here in the future. From my research they have many different jams, jellies, and syrups available to sample. They have over 80 different flavors as well as pickles, hot sauces, and more. They do not sell online but they do have a Facebook page, and if you visit their store they can give you a mail order slip to order once your supply has diminished.

Pepper Palace

You may have heard of them. They have locations nationwide, but they have two in Gatlinburg; one in the Mountain Mall, and one in The Village. They have hundreds of different hot sauces available in store, in addition to mixes to prepare at home. Most of these sauces have very cartoonish labels that make it hard to differentiate, but sample away and see what you can tolerate.

This is by far not a complete list of the samplings available, so I would recommend you walk around and go in as many shops as you can. There are temptations everywhere, and some of the businesses are almost begging you to sample their fare, so happy sampling!