We had been to Gatlinburg five times before walking into Fannie Farkle’s located right on the Parkway. This year was our first time in this little arcade place, but we are planning on a return trip next year.

The smells almost brought us in countless times before with their sausages and footlong corndogs grilled right at the front, which begs you to try their food, even if you’re filled up from the many samples available in different shops on the Parkway, or you’re stuffed from the many fantastic breakfast/pancake restaurants nearby.

I went to Arcadia, located underneath the space needle, with my son last year, but I figured we would try out some games in the much smaller Fannie Farkle’s arcade. Most of the games at Arcadia are worth just one token, and they count tickets which go toward prizes located by the counter. Fannie Farkle’s have more games that take either 2 or 4 tokens to play, but each ticket won counts as 5 points toward a prize. The games worth 4 tokens offer more tickets/points to win.

The games are simply addicting, and my wife and I were trying our best to win something big  for our son. I don’t know how much we spent but I am sure it was more than what we budgeted. After a lot of discussions we finally got him a nice 7 in 1 tabletop sports game.

The crowning glory was their footlong corndogs which are very good, and I am not a corndog fan. My son probably could have ate it all, but i had to steal a few bites, because you can’t eat just one (bite that is). It was well worth the 5 dollars and change it cost. Next year I will definitely try their sausage subs which come loaded with peppers and onions. Yum!

Fannie Farkle’s has been a staple in Gatlinburg since 1981 and like I said, it is impossible to miss them. They open at 8 a.m. and stay open well into the evening hours. Visit them at fanniefarkles.com and take a virtual tour.