Its official. There’s is a new king of breakfast in town, and they were crowned after our most recent visit this year.

Congrats to Crockett’s Breakfast Camp. In June we made our second trip here and we are all convinced that this is the real deal in an area with seemingly limitless pancake places.

First let me say that prices are very reasonable for the amount of food that is served. Last year I ordered the Black Bear skillet which comes in a large 12 inch skillet filled with bacon hash browns, sausage, 2 farm fresh eggs, a large cathead biscuit, Aretha’s one inch thick pancake, and a bowl of fresh fruit all for just $13.95. Believe me, do not try this on your own. I knew this going in so I shared it with my son, and I still don’t believe we finished it.

This year I tried the Waffle of Insane Greatness with blueberries. Oh my, is the waffle big but the biggest surprise are the blueberries. They come not in a syrupy goo on the waffles, but fresh in a separate bowl that you can put on them. So, so good and just $6.49.

The menu is varied with standard omelettes and french toast, but they also feature mexican influenced scramblers and eggs benedict.

They are currently the second ranked restaurant in Gatlinburg on Trip Advisor. I am not the only one that thinks very highly of this relatively new kid in town. Go to to see all that they have.